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I'm honored to be the TEACHERS' CHOICE candidate for trustee and to continue my commitment of service to our community  with a STUDENTS FIRST agenda.

As a COC alumnus I’m committed to providing a fresh, insightful and balanced perspective.  

My first year at College of the Canyons, I studied Music Theory, Literature, and Philosophy. In time, I realized: I could make the arts—especially music—my profession.   

That understanding changed my life for the better. And College of the Canyons is where I first received that understanding, many years ago.  That is one of my motivations to give something back.

As a small business owner, and a partner in another business, I've run and networked with many businesses. I know how to be self- motivated, take charge, assume responsibility and manage money.  I foresee upcoming scenarios, make plans for them and budget accordingly.  Money makes the world go ‘round – sometimes it’s sink or swim.  Our goal should not only be swimming, but moving forward with a positive, problem solving attitude.

As an educator, I know what it’s like to teach, the rewards and challenges, and how to relate to the students - and be aware and responsive to the student needs.

As an active member of the community, I have a feel for the local culture. Working with people of all ages in my business, I have good knowledge of the hopes and dreams of the students from Santa Clarita and elsewhere.  We have a wide range of economic, cultural and racial disparity, and we're all important!

I’ve also served for over 3 years on the Executive Committee of the Audio Engineering Society, Los Angeles Section – which encompasses Santa Clarita too. 

As a former student of COC and Cal Arts, I know the importance of community college and what it’s like to get a quality education.

Like the Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan once said: 

“The times, they are a-changing.”

Times are quickly changing.

COC is not the same place it was when I went there, or even a few years ago.  The economy, the culture, the way we see and hear each other, all these things have changed.

And that change is reflected in how most people live and work today. Almost everybody will have to make at least a couple of changes in their career path and profession as they move through life, and community colleges have become an important resource for people seeking to do that, to make that change.

So the college itself is an agent of change, and that’s just one reason why forward-thinking, creative leadership is appropriate—and necessary. 

What does that change look like?

It’s fine to talk about change, but how do we bring it about? 

Start with: open mind, open ears. Listen to everyone – the best idea wins. 

What’s next? We work together. 

We need to put “Students First,” - but I understand there are lots of stakeholders here.  

There’s the faculty and staff; There’s the Board of Trustees itself. 

And there’s another stakeholder: The Santa Clarita community, the taxpayers and voters who support the College. 

Students. Faculty and staff. Board of Trustees. Our Santa Clarita community. When we work together, we can face change, we can embrace change, we can make our college better than ever. 

In a spirit of gratitude, and motivated by a desire to serve our college and community, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Thank you. 

Jerry Danielsen




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