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The College of the Canyons Faculty Association (COCFA)  

"Jerry Danielsen believes that a school board member's number one responsibility is to put students first. He understands that in order for students to be successful it is essential to value and respect the work of teachers. This is just one of the reasons why College of the Canyons Faculty endorses Jerry Danielsen for COC Board of Trustees Area 4. "

The College of the Canyons Classified Staff (CSEA725)

"It is with great pleasure that I inform you the Classified Staff at College of the Canyons, through the endorsement process afforded us by our labor union, have voted you as the candidate of choice for Area 4 Trustee of the Santa Clarita Community College District!"

California Teachers Association (CTA)

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC)

Part-Time Faculty United at College of the Canyons (AFT Local 6262)

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.


Education Community and Leaders

Dr. Edel Alonso - Current Santa Clarita Community College District Trustee

Joan MacGregor -  Current Santa Clarita Community College District Trustee

Steve Tannehill - Former President Newhall School Board

Bernardo Feldman - Music Department Chair, College of the Canyons 

Hilary Schardein - Teacher

Wendy Brill-Wynkoop - Professor, College of the Canyons "Jerry wants to make sure the district's vital resources are prioritized for students. The majority of the COC Board leadership has been asleep at the wheel, rubber-stamping most decisions, and rarely asking questions before approving million-dollar decisions on noninstructional projects. COC is in desperate need of new leadership in Trustee Area 4!"

Christopher Blakey - Professor, College of the Canyons

Brittany Applen - Professor, College of the Canyons

Nicole Faudree - Professor, College of the Canyons -"Jerry is the way forward."

Dilek Sanver-Wang - Professor, College of the Canyons

Jason Burgdorfer - Professor, College of the Canyons

Erika Torgeson - Co-Department Chair of Counseling, College of the Canyons

Susan Hinshaw - Professor, College of the Canyons

Jennifer Paris - Professor, College of the Canyons

M. Demerjian - Professor, College of the Canyons - "Students first...Quality teaching & learning...Transparency & problem solving..." Critical issues for the survival of higher education!! Thank you, Jerry, for your commitment to quality higher education."

Anne Marenco - Professor, College of the Canyons"As an owner of property in the Santa Clarita Valley, former student of COC, and current faculty member at COC I wholeheartedly endorse Jerry Danielsen for election to the COC Board of Trustees. Jerry is a hardworking individual who cares about students, faculty, and staff. He understands that students are the only reason COC exists and he will do whatever is in his power to insure students remain our #1 priority. "

Richard Weekley - Retired Teacher, Poet, Veteran

Jesse Vera - Adjunct Counselor & AMSA Faculty Co-Advisor, Counselor - College of the Canyons

Nick Garcia - Alum Teacher of College of the Canyons

Regina Blasberg - Professor, College of the Canyons

Kelly Burke - Professor, College of the Canyons

Richard Kramer - Teacher - "I hereby lend my support for Mr Danielsen"

Dr. Heather Westcott Mendelson - School Psychologist

Kerry Carlson - Classified, Student Services Coordinator III, Admissions & Records, Admissions & Records (A&R)

Christi Franklin - COC Full-Time Faculty, Counselor, Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSP&S)

Cliff Burr - Retired Teacher, Veteran

Julie Hovden - Professor, College of the Canyons - "My family and I wholeheartedly endorse Jerry Danielsen for election to the COC Board of Trustees!"

Elizabeth Tarantini - CSUN College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mike Fitzgerald - College of the Canyons Adjunct Faculty-Counseling, Musician

Karen Daniels - Teacher, Community Organizer

Kimberly Barker - Assistant Professor, Antelope Vally College/ Preparation Pipeline Program Director. "Jerry is the perfect candidate for the job. He will bring an authentic, transparent and insightful presence to the board."

Erin Barnthouse - College of the Canyons Full-Time Faculty, Librarian

Adam Kaiserman - Professor, College of the Canyons

Etty DeVeaux - Chief of Staff for Graduate Education for the University of Minnesota - "As a "Chief" level administrator at one of our nation's largest, most comprehensive Research 1 institutions, I well know the characteristics of what makes a successful board member, and the criticality of the relationship of the Board to student and college success.  

Effective board members must be at once fearless advocates, armed with a nuanced understanding of the local and national political landscape, able to build and sustain productive relationships across constituent groups to help advance the school's agenda and when necessary, an agitator who is willing to challenge outdated and unproductive thinking and systems to ensure student and school success.

I know Jerry Danielsen to be this rare combination.  He is indeed For Students, First; for real and meaningful support of the faculty and staff; and for real and meaningful change through Transparency, Responsibility, and Community engagement.  And therefore, it is an honor to endorse his candidacy for Board of Trustees, College of the Canyons."

Erica Seubert - Associate Professor, College of the Canyons

Jennifer Thompson - College of the Canyons Faculty, Library 

Juan Renteria - College of the Canyons Classified, Instructional Laboratory Technician, Photography

Sara Breshears - College of the Canyons Full-Time Faculty, Library

Mark Daybell - Professor, College of the Canyons - "As a long-time resident of Santa Clarita Valley, Jerry brings years of experience to the position. He will work for our students."


Business Community and Leaders

Matt Denny - Denny & Company, LLP (CPAs)

Jeff MeyerChFC®, CLU®, FIC, CKA® Thrivent Wealth Advisor - Voted "Ultimate Male Financial Professional in the Santa Clarita Valley!"

Melanie Dybing Meyer -  CFP® CLU® Thrivent Financial Wealth Advisor 

Rick Boggs - President, Owner - Audio Eyes, a partnership of audio engineers, producers, accessibility experts, blind professionals and audio description professionals 

Braddon Mendelson - Owner, Noisivision Studios - "I have known Jerry for almost ten years. Time and time again, he has shown himself to be a leader, great teacher and trusted friend. Jerry will be a valuable addition to the COC Board of Trustees. He has my wholehearted support."

CeCe Koplin - Chairperson at Platinum Studios

Terry Mitchell Collier - President / Founder of 20 Mill, Inc. Artist Management, Marketing and Publicity Company, Veteran

Dena Bogrow - Arbonne Independent Consultant, Disabilities Advocate

Christian Dadulak - Business Owner, Financial Advisor, JCI Santa Clarita VP of Training & Development

Mark Johnson - Owner, Creative Tile and Stone Consultants - "I will make sure that all my friends and relatives that live in area 4 will vote for you. You are officially endorsed my friend."

Beth Shott - Creative Director at McGregor Shott, Inc., a Graphic Design and Branding agency. Traveling violinist.

Marilyn Grunwald - Editor/Writer/Coordinator

Francis Buckley - Owner, Level 5 Entertainment.  Award-winning engineer & producer

Felicia Shamma -  Owner, Private Practice - Felicia Shamma, LMFT

Tina Landrum - Owner, The New Path Energy Center - "My dear friend Jerry Danielsen is running for COC board of trustees district 4. I’ve always known him to be an intelligent critical thinker who resists stereotypes, is guided by facts and is of the highest character. I support him 100% and hope you’ll vote for him too! Go Jerry!!"

Rich Hall - Owner, Authentic Content Video Co.

Christian Swain - CEO, Founder Pantheon Media

Brooks Robinson - Owner, Robinson Home Enterprises, Society of Camera Operators, IATSE Local 600

MaryJo Robinson - CEO Robinson Home Enterprises

Steve Dole - Creative Director and Independent Design Contractor under SD Creative Services 

Grady Floyd - Owner, Medical Devices Consultant and Contractor

Scott Young - Business Owner - "I’m a local business owner that has attended COC in many ways, and I really appreciate the value that a man with Jerry’s character brings to our colleges environment!"


 Community Families and Leaders

Mary B Ackerman - Alum Teacher of COC, Hospice Nurse, InHome care provider, Community Outreach Coordinator for Santa Clarita Grocery.

Chad Kampbell - President, Democratic Alliance for Action  *Title used for information purposes only

Rabiah Coon - IT Consultant works

Mark Turner - Former Supv IT Analyst, Veteran

Todd Shuman - Chair, Sierra Club Grazing Team (national level) *for identification purposes only

Shawnee Badger -  Our Revolution Leader SCV, Actress and Model

Teri Gaskill-Vogelsang - Real Estate Agent

Cody John Clark - Music Tech, Recording Artist

Janel Veen - Accounting specialist

Diana Shaw - "I wholeheartedly endorse Jerry Danielsen for College of the Canyons Board of Trustees, Area 4.  He will be a valuable asset to the Board."

Jackie Thomas - Community Organizer - "I have known Jerry Danielsen for a few years now. He’s the real deal. He shares my values. I trust him to listen and prioritize the interests of teachers and students. I know this because I’ve watched him do it in the many ways he serves the community. He’s consistent. And I can’t wait to vote for him."

 Barbara Raisten -  Santa Clarita Artists Association

Mary Corbett - Professor, College of the Canyons

Peter Doell - Recording and Mastering Engineer -  "Jerry is as outstanding a person as I have ever met, both as a friend and a business associate - and whatever Jerry chooses to put his energies into will be a resounding success."

Kelly Parducci - CPP Specialist

Terri Jones Miller - Insurance Specialist

Peggy Stabile - President and Educational Director, Pegasus2edu - "With great pleasure, I endorse you for the Area 4 seat on COC’s Board of Trustees. You will be a fantastic addition, Jerry!"

Malcolm Blue - Community Activist

Alesia Humphries - Director of Marketing Thrivent Financial, Musician

Scott Schlanger - Assistant Service Manager at Nisson

Lysa Simon - Attorney at Law

David Barlavi - Attorney at Law

Jeanne Potter - Veterinarian

Steve Petzold - Realtor, Community Activist

Doug Tauber - Airline Pilot -  "Jerry will serve well in establishing policies that define the highest standards set by the board of trustees institutional mission, as well as carrying out the fiscal responsibilities needed for the best of the public’s interest."

Robin Michel Bush - Costume designer

Tom Lamog - Chief InfoSec Officer, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher -  "Please support my good friend, Jerry Danielsen for College of the Canyons - Board of Trustees. He’ll work hard to make a difference in our college education system for the benefit of our community."

Stella Lamog - Community Member

Pat Olvera-Holmes - Admin Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

Francis Buckley - Owner, Level 5 Entertainment.  Award-winning engineer & producer

Norma Jean Day - Retired

Carole Lutness - Psychiatric Social Worker - "Jerry will be an incredible representative on the COC BOARD. He’s smart, hard working, dedicated to making COC even better than it is right now. Besides that, he’s a really nice guy"

Michele Hirsch Jenofsky - Production Accountant at Warner Bros.

Marg Bartlett - Former Sales Professional at Medtronic Diabetes

Fawn Barr - Wildlife and nature artist, Former Teacher Newhall School District

Matthew Jay - Office Stud at Cart Logistics LLC

Barbara Chat Creme - Community Organizer

Daryl Mendelson - Actor at SAG/AFTRA, Credit Card Rick Analyst at City Nat. Bank -  "COC needs a strong board that speaks truth to power. The whole of Santa Clarita let alone College of the Canyons will benefit from your election as COC is an educational/cultural anchor of our community!"

James Hagen - Musician, Businessman.

Tyger White - Community Member

Jeremy Record - Motion Picture Grip

Trina Record  -Community Member

Patti Skinner Sulpizio - Community Leader "I have served on a board with Jerry Danielsen and know he is a person of great integrity, intention and commitment. On the Board of Trustees Jerry's vast experience as a former COC student, a local small business owner, an educator and leader will serve our College and our community well."  

Stacy Fortner - Community Leader

Donald McLeod - Artistic Director at Living Statues

Isabel Aghishian - Community Member

Cannan Doty - Musician, Service Manager Pool Service

Peg Burr - Psychotherapist, Actor

Richard Evans - Writer, Journalist -   "I grew up in the SCV, and I hold a degree from College of the Canyons (A.S. in Biology, class of 1980) and I am THRILLED to endorse my good friend Jerry Danielsen for the COC board! I've known Jerry since our days as students together at COC. I am confident he will bring a fresh and creative perspective to the COC Board, and change the conversation about what's possible for our college and our community."

Alma Silos - Musician, Community Member

Mike Barr - Community Member, Retired

Ruben Navarro - Community Member, Retired

Michael R. Kulka - Residential Realtor eXp Realty, Community Leader

Donna Zimmerman - Community Member

Eric Ragland - Sales Manager at Galpin Motors

Craig Williams - Musician, Community Member

Danielle Gersh - Self-Employed Community Member

Shiromi Perera - Nurse, worked at Olive View - UCLA Medical Center

Barbara Wilson - Mental Health Hookup

Phil Sykes - Channel Manager at Planar Systems

Dede Switzer - Private Yoga Instructor, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Jim Willard - Retired Fireman

Brian Mertens - Prop Maker at Iatse Local 44

Mauricio Pineda - Inspector, Musician

Scott Ozga - Engineering Technician at nLight Photonics Corp.

Mark Sterling - Community Member - “I just happen to know Jerry personally, and he’s one of the kindest loving people I've ever met.  He just walked his wife through cancer while she passed away last year. They were surrounded by loving people. Jerry puts a lot of love out there and in return people support him. I'm one of those people. One Christmas I had nowhere to go so Jerry and his wife invited me to their home and made me feel like family, something I've never forgotten.

I know one thing if Jerry gets this position: #1 he'll give it 100% + and #2 he genuinely cares. I know once Jerry puts his heart into something he gives his all and I think he's the kind of man you need.

People respond very well to him. He’s one of those guys who loves to see you succeed, and he’d give you the shirt off his back if it meant that you would move forward in a positive direction.

I’m voting for Jerry not because he's my friend, but that he has integrity and is a man of his word.

He has a heart of gold and filled with a lot of love. I think he will help COC move in the right direction, not only for the students but for the teachers and staff.”


Other Organizations

The Stonewall Democratic Club - Advocates for issues that are relevant to LGBT Americans.

Our Revolution SCV - American action organization

Los Angeles Country Democratic Party (LACDP)

Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA)









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